Corporate presentations, School Incursions and Seminars

Choose from the below options. Our consultants can personalise each program to meet specific syllabus outcomes (Secondary Schools).

Customised corporate presentations and team building private workshops are also available. Talk to us today about your requirements. To find out more email Jody at

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That Sugar Film


  • Foodhealth's founder, Jody Seaton is proud to be an Ambassador for 'That Sugar Film'. 

  • Screenings can be provided in any setting and always include a host to run a Q&A session after the film. 

  • The film's message is approved by Eating Disorders Australia and is suitable for ages 10+. Run time - 90 minutes.



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Group workshop/Seminar 
  • Interactive and entertaining this 1 hour seminar includes ‘sugar bingo’ as well as some really serious business looking at how the food giants are winning over our money and our minds when it comes to healthy food.


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School Incursions
How much is too much? 
  • Suitable for students in Grades 5-10

  • A jam-packed session that includes the best parts of the film, sugar bingo and a focus on auto-immune disease with a guest speaker who talks about living with multiple sclerosis and her dietary needs. Sugar alternative taste testing is an included highlight of this incursion.                                                                        

Eating for Brainpower!


  • Suitable for Senior Secondary School students. 

This engaging and interactive workshop helps Seniors to create a holistic study plan with an  emphasis on sound nutrition. Practical advice drawn from the latest nutritional research will help students to choose the right foods, at the right time. The aim of these workshops is to create a healthy culture when it comes to food and caffeine consumption. (Sorry Teachers, no more chocolate rewards!! But don't worry we have so many better ideas!)

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