Is sugar-free just for hippies?

If you’re like the majority of Australian adults, you’ve most probably tried to diet and had successes, but ultimately you slip back into old habits. The whole concept of dieting in today’s society conjures thoughts of deprivation, punishment and short term goals. I do not believe in dieting, yes I have been there and no, it didn’t work. There is a better way to lose weight and to keep it off. It’s to quit sugar. WHAT? I hear you!! 5 years ago I was of the strong opinion that people who quit sugar are anti-social hippies. I told my sugar- quitting Father he was crazy and dieticians recommended everything in moderation (including sugar). It wasn’t until curiosity got the better of me and I picked up a book called sweet poison by David Guillespie. I have to say, it was very convincing. I was so dumbfounded at the research he had done on sugar in all its forms that I looked for an academic’s response. I found a response from the DAA (Dietetics Association of Australia) and it was disappointingly vague. In other words, the research David Guillespie did was accurate and could not be disproved. So, this is what changed my perspective. Was it a diet book? No. Was it a weight loss program? No. It was information! Education! I feel healthier than ever. I can enjoy a piece of cake at a birthday party. I have an occasional sweet food on special occasions (weddings, parties, Christmas, Easter) but the rest of the year I don’t miss it one bit. I had to reassess everything I had been teaching high school students for over 10 years. Unfortunately a lot of it was misinformation. My generation and the one before me has been led to believe that low fat is best and unfortunately the low sugar message has been lost along the way. It is a bit of a minefield to decide to be sugar-free if you do not understand the science behind sugar intake and its effect on our appetite. My grandparents generation knew that sugar was something to be had occasionally. We need to consume it like this again. Its hidden in just about every processed food in today’s food supply. The average Australian consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. That is 160g (about 2/3 cup) and that is way too much. But sugar aint sugar! And sugar-free aint sugar-free! This is where Foodhealth steps in. I have put together a program that explains the science in simple terms and gives clear, specific guidelines on how to quit sugar (the right type). I don’t believe in scare tactics, I don’t focus on health warnings. I think most people know the dangers of being overweight from a physiological point of view. I focus on helping people to understand and take control of their eating habits. Do you need a personal trainer in your kitchen? Investing in a personal trainer to guide, motivate and ensure you get exercise results is a very wise decision. A Foodhealth RE-program would be a similar investment to ensure new eating habits are creating long term results.

Jody is a qualified chef, food technology teacher and researcher in the nutrition and dietetics field. To book a personal consultation with Jody phone 0421160906

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