Make the sauce yourself!

Our supermarket shelves are lined with convenient, pour in and stir sauces. It seems the perfect way to cook a delicious meal quickly. These sauces seem to have no harmful ingredients, usually some vegetable powders and maybe a couple of numbers written last (meaning the smallest amount). I thought it would be interesting to highlight the common ingredients in these sauces that are damaging our health. But, don't worry I wont leave you without a clue on what to cook tonight, there are easy alternatives to these sauces and they will leave you feeling better (health wise) and prouder because you've gained a new skill. Besides all of this, homemade sauces TASTE so much BETTER!!

There are so many sauces to choose from and that healthier alternatives can be suggested for, so I'll start with the two most common everyday sauces.

The supermarket bought creamy pasta sauce and tomato based sauces. What is harmful in these products?

Hydrogenated Vegetables oils is what. Next time you're at the supermarket, check the ingredients of every packaged product you pick up. You will notice how common this ingredient is. It's usually listed as canola oil or if it's a blend it is called vegetable oil.

But aren't vegetable oils good for us? (I hear you). Unfortunately this is what we have been led to believe for way too long. The simplest explanation comes by considering what our bodies are built for and determining that our bodies are very very slow to evolve. So, whatever the caveman ate (whole, natural foods) is what our bodies are designed to ingest. The increase of food processing has introduced large amounts of nutrient intake that our bodies would never have had access to. For example, vegetable oils come from seeds such as canola and sunflower. If we were to eat a handful of seeds, our bodies are unlikely to ingest much oil from the seed, if any. At risk of being gross, the seeds are simply fibre, they come out the other end looking much the same as they did going in.

So, when food processing takes millions of seeds and heats them to a high temperature and squeezes every part of oil from the seed then sells it to us in just about everything it is no wonder dietary issues arise. Why is it so common? It is inexpensive, increases shelf life and people unwittingly think it is healthy.

Here is two very simple alternatives for a creamy pasta sauce and a tomato based sauce. Click on the sauce to view the recipe. Enjoy testing them out and I would love to hear your feedback!!

Jody is a qualified chef, food technology teacher and researcher in the nutrition and dietetics field. To book a personal consultation with Jody phone 0421160906


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