Are you sick of carrot sticks?

Many of my clients say to me they get so sick of eating carrot sticks and snacking on fruit. I'm with them. It's one thing to be healthy, it's another to be so bored with your diet that you're making poor choices just to change it up. So I've put together a list of the foods I snack on that are

bought/processed. I haven't mentioned fresh fruit and vegetables because that is a given and every nutrition blog will mention them. So here are some sugar-free or no more than 10% sugar products that this sugar-free hippy likes to eat.

Carmen's Fruit free muesli

Carmen's Fruit free muesli bars

Premium snack packs with cheese


Jalna Biodynamic yoghurt vanilla vanilla bean yoghurt


Bread with almond spread or sugar/salt reduced peanut butter

Chicken legs

Shapes (A little bit naughty, but low sugar)

Coconut water

Cascade Lime and soda mixers (have only 6g sugar per 100g) Found in Coles, see picture below.

Healthiest soft drink on the market

As a mother of four, I know life can be really busy. It's all well and good to understand that whole fresh foods are the best foods for wellbeing but in today's society it is paramount to find balance. So when choosing convenience foods try to make the best possible choices by purchasing products that are less than 10g per 100g of sugar and avoid canola oil and vegetable oils where possible. In other words 'Read the Labels!'. If there a line of products you would like me to suggest best choices for please send me an email. I'd love to answer your questions.

Jody is a qualified Chef, Food Technology Teacher and researcher in the Nutrition and Dietetics field. To book a personal consultation with Jody phone 0421160906


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