Take your time.......

It seems that everyone is in a hurry all the time. A very common rationalisation is that cooking and food preparation must be quick, especially when there are children in the home. I understand this, however I want to highlight the enjoyment to be gained when we do slow down and make cooking an experience rather than a necessity. Even if for only one meal per week, taking the time to follow a process and create a meal can be a very rewarding experience. When you take your time to cook it becomes a creative therapy. Thoughts of other things disappear (ok, I admit, there are occasions when my children create an avalanche of mess whilst I'm cooking). The outcome of taking this time out is delicious food to be shared with those you love. And lets be honest, everyone loves a pat on the back for serving up a delicious meal.

I've included a summertime dinner recipe on the Free Recipes Blog. It's called Chicken and Kumura Salad and is served with a dellicious pecan salsa.

(I know it's Autumn, but it's still so hot!) This recipe will take a little more than 1/2 hour to prepare. The skills needed are minimal but it will take time to plan the grocery shop and chop the ingredients. The outcome is delicious and will not disappoint.

If you find cooking far from therapuetic you would benefit from an in-home consultation to hone your skills and build confidence in the kitchen. Call me today to book your cooking lesson 0421160906.

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